Which is least irritating - 1. No email (you probably won't notice anything) 2. An email with no content or value that tells you you are getting no email ???

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That's what I figured and why I didn't send anything. But thought I'd give you all the chance to let me know if I was wrong

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Thank you . On further the thought, it might be more useful to put the question not what is desirable to more people but what is annoying to more people.

E.g. What if 55% say they want the 'there's no email this week' but most of them wouldn't be annoyed by not having that email. But some people will be annoyed by getting the 'there's no email this week' , then sending the email causes more annoyance, even if the majority say they want it.

So the question could be: Which is less desirable: Not getting an email / getting an email that says there's no email.

Also I'd be curious to know how many people emailed to you say: Where's my email this week?

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